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Originally Posted by mjsarge View Post
Ok, now I'm done buying for moment!!

I went to the retail store in Mckinney and the same Gen 4 19 I bought about a month ago is now $669. The Gen 4 G21, $759.

I went 15 mins down the road to the new Gun Gear to Go in Plano and paid $629.
I haven't checked Glock prices in SW Florida for a while, but they were $550 or less for a long time.

Is Glock jacking up prices, or is it the distributor or the dealer? Or is it all or them?

My local gun store is a small dealer, but his prices are always competitive. He told me yesterday that any new gun order will likely require a wait of at least a month, and popular models may take months to arrive. Maybe the price is moot if guns aren't available.

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