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Originally Posted by silversport View Post
I have to say that it may totally replace my G23...I've never been totally happy with the positioning of the finger grooves but hesitated to modify an OD Green frame...

I wasn't in love with the original chambering either but at the time I had no GLOCKs and picked it up...later bought a conversion barrel for 9mm and found that made the package better...still later, I picked up a GLOCK 357 SiG barrel and thought this was a fine balance of payload and cartridge but my favorite has always been .45ACP...

I passed a long time ago on an original G30 finding the grip a touch too big...but I like my G21 and after carrying this for a couple days...I'm really liking it...and that grip feels just about perfect for a concealed carry pistol with now crowding of the fingers for me...


I was told the Gen4 Glock30 w/o any backstrap has a little bit smaller grip (trigger reach distance) than a 30S. I have small hands. I placed an order for a G4G30 on 2/5/13.
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