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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
OK, I'm not a conspiracy nut but..

Has any of the other GTR regular noticed that until a few weeks ago, I don't think Powerbond was ever mentioned on this forum. Now, every person with under 50 posts is mentioning them...

Powerbond isn't a popular brand, as it's a small company and not as well known as Rainier or Berry's. I've used them in the past with good results.

Originally Posted by Boxerglocker View Post
The PowerBond bullets look suspiciously like Rainier's to me... Even certain pictures on their website look like stock ones from the Rainier.
The Powerbond bullets have thicker plating than Rainier. They are not the same bullet.

We have a couple guys sponsored by Rainier at our club. They have done tours of their facility in Tacoma numerous times. I'm going to ask if they have any knowledge of PowerBond.
They might be subcontracted to make bullets to Powerbond's spec but I'm not aware of such. AFAIK, Powerbond does everything in house. Would be interesting to find out.

I'm personally not a big plated bullet fan. They are OK performance wise but I feel FMJs trump them on value/performance overall.
Plated bullets are favored in applications for sound suppressors. Cheaper than TMJ bullets and priced less. JHP plated bullets are typically priced the same as TMJ bullets, so there is no savings. If you have a suppressor that uses wipes, JHP is a no go. I only use plated bullets for customers using a suppressor or those that demand TMJ type bullets for indoor ranges to cut down on the airborne lead from exposed FMJ bases.

Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
I'm not a shill for PowerBond, but the problem is that they get lumped in with typical "plated" bullets due to their construction type. Aside from the way that they are constructed, they don't act at all like regular plated bullets from Berry's or Rainer.
I agree.

Originally Posted by dougader View Post
Speer bullets are plated as well...
A fact many ignore.
Originally Posted by dougader View Post
Does anyone know if the Power Bond hollow point bullets actually expand, or are they more like the Zero and Montana Gold that don't expand in gel or water testing?
I think the HP are like the MG bullets in that they are for external ballistics and not terminal ballistics.
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