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Originally Posted by The_Gun_Guru View Post
Does the grip feel "fat" to you?

I sold my G30 because the grip sucked and the slide was way too wide for CCW....IMHO.

How would you compare the 30S to the 30 or even the 30SF?


i love the 36 which was my first glock / first love. but i quickly became a fan of the dbl stack mag after purchasing my 19. after purchasing my 21 i realized that the thicker grip is not an issue for my hand or carry.

30s and 30sf is the same frame.

i dont have a 30 but i do have a 21 and the grips thickness are the same. i'm more conformable with the 21 over the 30s w/ a 9rd mag because i can get three fingers on the grip.

my first glock was the 36 because it was all about the grip due to my short / small hands. but after puchasing my 21, i quickly realized the thicker grip from the 21 fits my hands just fine.

in fact of all my glocks i'm as accuate with my 21 as my 19. check out my avatar - thats 13rds from my 21 at 36'. there are 4 rds in the eye area.

as far as the 30S being snapper because of the slide weight - it's not a noticable difference for me. the difference for me is three fingers vs two on the grip. i'm slowly getting comformable with a two finger grip for the 30S w/ 9rd mag.
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