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Originally Posted by Burns View Post
The DE has superior support? That flies in the face of everything I have heard prior, including underwood ammo's warnings that their hot ammo should not be used in DE but is acceptable with g20/29
Yeah, as I was reading through the whole thread that was what I kept thinking.
Actually, I think that very few (compared to the total amount of G20's sold) replace the factory barrel. But I know some do, and springs too. If they do, they usually put the pistol back to factory after a few bad range trips. Then, like magic, it performs perfectly again.
OP, I would suggest just getting the Colt, it's what you want. Why else would you post this question in the 1911 forum?
Ask the same question in the General Glocking section and see what happens.
Seriously though, If its a range gun, get the Colt. If your life is gonna depend on it, or it's gonna be treated any way differently than "babied", get the Glock.
BTW, I like both platforms.
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