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Gun show prices today.

Went to a local gun show today here in eastern KY. These are the prices on some of the items I was curious and/or interested in. Which prices do you think were reasonable? I marked my choices with an *.

Walther PPX 9mm. $439*
Ruger LC9 w/laser. $499
Ruger LC.380. $349*
Colt LE6920. $1780-$2200
Colt 6920SOCOM. $2000
Ruger LCR .38. $409*
Ruger LCR .357. $469
Sig p938. $769
Glock 19 gen3. $579
Glock mags. $60
Remington Nylon 66. $450
Beretta M9. $599*

I bought Magpul SGA 870 buttstock. For $99 OTD.*
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