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G30S no advantage because frame is wide?

Several readers have posted that the slimmer slide on the G30S is no advantage because the frame is the same width as a G30SF. That seems reasonable, but consider this:

The slide of a G30 (or G30SF) overhangs the frame at the front, much like a G21 does. At the locking block area, a G30 slide width is much closer to the frame width that standard-frame Glocks. If you have a G30 & a G17... look down at each from the top (I just did). The frame protrudes on each side of a G17, G19, etc. A G30S is similar. A G30 frame does not protrude very much outside the G30's wider slide.

I put calipers on a G17 frame & a G30SF frame. It's hard to get a precise measurement on a plastic molded part like these, but I got from 1.155" to 1.170" for the G17 frame & 1.180" to 1.185" for the G30SF frame. That's 0.010" to 0.035" difference.... about 1/32" at the most & generally much less!

Since the G30S slide is the same width as a G19 slide, anyone happy with the size of a G19 should not be too concerned with that small difference. My G30S fits just right in a leather slide holster made for standard-width Glocks.

It's true that a G30S/G30 is slightly wider at the bottom of the grip... 0.087" (less than 3/32") difference - as I measure - in the middle of the grip. At the front & back of the grip, the difference is only 0.035" (slightly more than 1/32") for a G30S/G30 over a G17/G19.

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