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Just checked the thread since I posted, sorry for the delay, didn't get off work until 1am.

This is the only wording that was returned with the firearm besides shipping info. That's why I was confused, so I CALLED Glock and they put me through to one of the "armorers".

He asked me for the serial #, pulled up the notes on my account, and said that they test fired 4 magazines through it, fired fine. I already had all the updates parts, so they put a shipping label on it and sent it back.

So that's when I asked him if he had any suggestions, because one if the main reasons I bought a Glock was because many said its the most reliable handgun in the world, and that it will never fail on you.

That's when he said that it should only take 124+ grain ammo.

So I told him thanks for the suggestion, and that was it.

For those who say it is "limp wristing", I will tell you this. This is my first firearm so it could've been possible. So I had my friend fire it who has done GSSF competitions, owns and carries Glocks consistently. He had the EXACT thing happen. Then, I fired his Glock 23 and it did not happen to me. So it can't be that. He was the one that suggested I send it in.

So now I have called a local gunsmith who specializes in Glocks. He said he can modify the ejector for $50 and it'll be perfect. He says he gets the new Glocks all the time brought to him for this same reason. I am debating taking it over there this week.

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I'd take it to him and see exactly what he does to it and if it corrects it. I'd love to know myself. What do you have to loose?
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