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Htpc atx vs mini itx

I recently bought a full size ASrock ATX board from Microcenter which is about 2 hours away.. along with an I3 processor and ram for a very good price. They were doing $50 off a mobo if you bought a CPU so the motherboard was only $50. I currently have a huge Fractal Designs case that sits behind my TV for HTPC use but I would like to go to a specialized HTPC case and maybe keep my old computer as a file server since I have about 3tb of space on it.

Problem is I cannot find a good HTPC case that I am happy with for under $100. For $40 on amazon I can get a mini ITX case and a board for $100 and save a lot of room. I could sell or return on my new motherboard and get a return on my money or stick with the AATX format.

I don't care how wide the system is since I have a full shelf to devote to it but the depth is about 21 inches.

What do you guys think?
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