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G36 and the Pearce +0 extension...

Went to the range yesterday for only the third time with my 3 week old G36.

The first two times I had such bad pinky pinch that my finger was bloody.

This time I had the Pearce +0 mag extension in place and no pinch at all, so if anyone was wondering, they do solve the problem.

On a side note, after 3 trips to the range and 100 rounds of my carry load (230 gr Speer Gold Dot), Iv'e not had 1 ftf, fte or btf which I'm happy about.

But, out of 100 rounds of Winchester white box 230 gr ball I've had 6 fte. Not stove pipes as in stuck in the vertical position but the empty case would extract completely from the barrel chamber and then get jammed/wedged in its horizontal orientation between the breech face and front edge of the chamber, preventing the next round from clambering. All 6 occurrences happened like this.

I also ran 50 rounds of aluminum cased Blazer 230 gr ball and had no malfunctions with that at all.

Should I be worried about this?

I'm thinking not but wanted to get other opinions on it.

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