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Originally Posted by Just_plinking View Post
KT pf-9. People love to hate them, but they are small, light, and mine has never missed a beat.
Man, I would love to find a good one. I've only tried one PF-9, and it was brand new out of the box. We tried 3 different types of ammo, some hardball reloads I'd bought, Speer hollow points (what the owner had bought on the recommendation of the salesman that sold him the pistol) and a box of Winchester white box flatnose we bought at the range after issues with the other two types. We couldn't get anything to cycle past two consecutive rounds, had both FTE and FTF problems, and none could get better than 6" groups at 21'.

I've tried two other small Kel Tecs, in .380 and .32, can't remember the models but both were well broken in rental guns. They fed fine with ammo provided by the range, functioned fine but still had multiple FTF with both. A simple pull of the slide solved the problem every time but as I said before, just too light for my rookie skills as far as repeatable control.

I am serious, would LOVE to find a good PF-9 or PF-11 (weighs less than the Colt and will not lose any sleep if it gets wet or scratched), for the higher punch in 9mm vs. .380. I'm going to keep looking, most of the pawn shop finds in those models are ridiculously overpriced right now (have seen them as high as $350) for condition.

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