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Originally Posted by Boomer967 View Post
Thanks for all the input guys. I have a little more info.... Picked up some Hornady 230g XTP. I know I was looking for cheap, but right now it's take what you can get. I have some Unique powder and CCI #300 primers. No load data in my old books. Can this be loaded with Speer data for 230g TMJ? 5.9 to 6.9 grs Unique. It's the closest thing in the book. Thanks
230 grain XTP, 6.0 grains of Unique, Winchester brass and a Federal match primer got me 872 fps from a 5" 1911. OAL was 1.215". As good a full power load as I've made for .45 auto. They run through my G30 just fine, but I don't have chrono numbers for you for that particular load.

FWIW, when I had a G21, 1911 and G30 the G30 was about 30fps slower than my 1911, and the G21 was about 20 fps faster. That was with a 230 XTP and 6.6 grains of WSF, regular CCI primer, Win brass and loaded to 1.210".

I hope that helps, but even though you want to jump right in, you should still start a little low and work your way up. You might burn through a whole 25 bullets, but your guns might like something different or your barrel might generate higher pressures than I tested...

Good luck.
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