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Originally Posted by D.S.Brown View Post
Once again it is really simple. Strictly adhere to the safety rules, and keep your finger off the trigger until your on target and ready to destroy something. If your finger is on the trigger and you discharge the gun without intending to do so, that is not an accident, it is negligence. Some people are being willful in their disregard of this fact! Carriage and use of firearms require a heightened level of awareness and discipline. Those that require a mechanical device to make up for deficiencies in these areas, as well as lack of common sense are dangerous, and better serve themselves and others, by finding non lethal means of self defense.

I understand your statement, Dave, but it seems to skirt the issue of whether or not Glock's trigger safety is, in fact, a safety. That's the issue of the moment. What say you?

While I'm thinking about your position (mechanical safety devices shouldn't be counted on to make up for personal deficiencies and lack of common sense), please consider how your advice applies to a chambered, cocked 1911. Is mental discipline and common sense all one needs to carry safely in Condition-0 every day in a proper holster and perform whatever administrative handling one needs to do ? Is the ability to keep one's finger off of the trigger all thats necessary? Or is a mechanical safety device appropriate for 1911s?

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