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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Damn...Silvertips did that to Canyonman's gun?

WTH happened? Were these the older, hotter Silvertips or the newer watered down stuff?

To be polite to the OP here, I'll make this the super short version...

This was about 4-5 years ago maybe.. I loose track . But I was shooting factory silvertips, in preperation for a trip we were taking. Just trying them out, "because" I hardly ever use factory ammo. I use my own reloads. Had just got through with a "hand load session." And yes the barrel was clear and all was well....

So, short plain and simple. I loaded up, fired, and about the 2nd or 3rd one went BAM!

Now, I had a used G20 barrel in the gun I had bought as a "spare" (why I don't know ) from a Glock armorer at a gun show in Dallas we drove in to.

That being said. WW forensics, could never say with any shadow of a doubt it was or was not their ammo, "because" there was NOT enough evidence to go on. "Everything was gone." Brass everything.. Only 'powder residue' and that was 'tainted' by the previous handloads I had shot etc.

I sent in photo's of the pile of ST's on my table outside, and of my rainbow colored hand, and the eye doctor bill (yes I had on glasses (reading glasses ha) and they paid for the Doc, and replaced the gun with a NIB from Glock hot off the press G20SF.

WW are VERY good people to do business with !

I got to add. Glock would not even talk to me at all about it. They said... "Gary, we know you are a hand loader..." UH, excuse me Glock, I was not shooting han loads when this happened. Even had a couple signed and sworn statements from a couple amigo's that were there with me shooting to testify to the fact they were factory loads...

Glocks reply on the phone over and over.. "Sorry Gary we know you are a hand loader, you told us that on a phone call one time and we documented that statment..."

So, Cheers to WW... Good folks !

In closing here on the "shortest version" I can give ya. We really do not completely know either, whether it was a double charge from WW, or whether the barrel "very used' I bought from the guy as a spare had been 'severly abused' with stupid loads from the previous owner (it was a very old barrel with a ton of wear) as in "on the brink of destruction", and he finally went, when I fired that shot, (for time and space sake let the reder understand here).

We do not know. WW does not know. But were kind enough to replace the Gun anyway free of charge.

There ya go for shorts!

I did want to ring the neck of that guy who sold me the barrel ! haha... Plus kick my own butt for buying it in the first place. So we don't know bottom line. GT'ers flooded me with opinions when first posted years ago. A good deal of wrong ones, and a few that made good sense, and thanks to them all.... But problem is, in the senerio I just gave above. There is NO WAY to know for CERTAIN, whether that was a severly abused barrel from a nut case hand loader and on the fringe of going south, and I was the lucky guy to get it there, or whether it was the WW ammo... I will never know.

Personally. I do have a very deep gut feeling it was the Used Barrel... MY opinion, Just a gut feeling. Again, we will never know. May have been a bit of both.

I feel for the OP, because yes, it hurt like the dickens !

I have grown up on a ranch being kicked, mashed, hit, stomped, crushed, and bit, and in my share of fist to cuffs, uh hum... But man this Kaboom (at least mine) blinded me for a short spell (as in could not see) threw shards of junk into my face, and my hand looked like a pumpkin painted different colors.. A whole new kinda pain.. haha. Shook it off and went on, (had to keep up that lousy cowboy pride in front of the fellas.. ) but it was a doozy !

So there ya go on this one... I just can't resist bringing these out when I see a Kaboom thread. Perhaps I should restrain myself in the future, BUT as my COP neice said when she saw them and me, 'Man it makes ya more aware "at least in practice times," to wear eye protection haha, (then she added) and not to shoot a Glock !" She carries a 45acp Smith (she was joking about the Glock of course). She is SVU, and a gun shooting ranch girl. So I bring out the pics, not to scare folks, but to freak them out a bit... haha.

We have NO control over what "Factory ammo" will or "can do." We sure can take ALL precautions on our hand loads though... I like to wildcat, yes. But get crazy, careless and stupid ? No !

Just don't buy used barrels, and be careful out there, and don't act like hot shot harry with the hand loads on your equipment, whatever you shoot. Finally, know that yes, even factory loads, can Kaboom ya.

Thats all folks !

Stay safe
Be blessed

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