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Biggest problem is it will freeze up the world economy.

The US dollar is to the world economy what oil is to your car's engine.

Imagine if the oil in 75% of the engines suddenly turned into re-fried beans.

But you know what -

people will still get up and milk the cows - deliver the mail - bake the bread - well maybe not deliver the mail but you know what I mean.

America has a screwed up government and our economy is also messed up - mostly because the powers that be try to control every thing - protect the people that make dumb decisions - provide for the people that are too lazy to provide for themselves. Can't let anyone feel much pain - even if they deserve it.

A "new" currency will be introduced - who ever is in charge will blame someone else - life will go on.

A sudden collapse may be better than a long slow stagnation and decline.

Would you rather be constipated for the next 50 years - or have a week of explosive bloody diarrhea?

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