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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
Like Jeff Cooper said, "It's like writing the combination on the safe door."

Comrade Happyguy
Happy - I'm missing your point here. My question about the Glock 'safety' isn't meant to be sarcastic or loaded in any way. I'm just hard pressed to call it a safety in the sense I've understood firearm safeties for 50 years.

The only way the trigger safety works on a Glock is if pressure is applied only to the outside trigger levers. The center lever disengages the safety for firing. This is the reason folks always say 'the safety is the shooter's brain, which keeps their finger off of the trigger'.

I believe its misleading to inexperienced shooters to imply the Glock trigger mechanism is a safety that prevents unintended trigger pulls. I'm just trying to be factual (truthful). PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong about this point.

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