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Originally Posted by greenlion View Post
Isn't the grip on the 30s exactly the same as the 30sf ?? That was my understanding. For decades I wanted a 45 GLOCK and never bought one because those original G30 and G21 grips were just too big. The SF models are great.
From what I understand, it is the same grip. I have the 30SF, and the grip fits my hand great, and I don't have very large hands.
I got on a list at my Blue Label dealer for a 21 and waited... While waiting, I went by another "regular" Glock dealer just to check out a 21. The only 21 he had was a Gen 3 21C, and when I held it, it did seem surprisingly big, but afterall, I did want a "service size" .45, so it wasn't an issue.
Once I got the call that my dealer had gotten in the LE Gen 4 21's, I went over to put some cash down on it and to check it out. It seemed to be an entirely different pistol from the Gen 3 21C at the other dealer, and I was pleasantly pleased. Actually, while I was checking it out, another employee walked by, and was surprised with the changes Glock made to the Gen 4, and actually made the comment... "wow... it looks more... professional"... Not sure exactly what he meant, and I've not been around Glock long enough to appreciate all the changes made throughout the generations, but I can't wait to get it home and put some rounds through it... Anyway, the Gen 4 definately seemed to fit my hand better than the Gen 3 21C.
I am considering making my next purchase the 36, just to round out the .45 collection, lol. I guess in that case, I could Frankenstein the 36 and 30SF if I felt I could benefit from it...
Just have to get my wife to buy off on that purchase... I'm thinking that the 36 would be the perfect pistol for "her"..
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