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Originally Posted by TX Proud View Post
... I would be more worried about a shift from the Petro-Dollar to a Petro-Euro, which will never hapen because of the relationship between euroean powers...
I know I cherry picked a piece of your post for the quote, and usually don't this way...

Part of the goal of the Euro was to replace the Dollar as the world currency. Why they were all so quick to jump into bed together with it, and why England still uses their own currency in addition to. (yea, we're friends, we're just over here so gotta do what they do, ya know.)

England has been like those that contribute to both political parties so they can stand with the winner and say 'I gave, was on your side'. Riiiight.

Look how well that's working out. Ironically the half-commitment of England will leave them in the best spot when the Euro collapses completely. Things may not be great for the Dollar, but they're a lot better then what the Euro is going through.

The Euro failed to establish itself as the world currency, replacing the dollar, because of a decided lack of stability individually, overlooked on a gang run for the prize.

The Euro was the best shot the world could muster to replace the Dollar. That wasn't it's only mission, sure, but definitely part of it. Whatever may happen, it'll be a while before something comes along to displace it.

The absence of a better alternative leaves the status quo.

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