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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
I underestimated the unreasonable panic of Americans.
We've seen it before...just not on the scale that we're seeing today. Pretty amazing, and disappointing.

Edited to clarify - I'm not disappointed in the desire to buy up ammo, etc. Although, I'd say if you didn't see the writing on the wall until Sandy Hook, then you should get your eyes checked. No...I'm disappointed in the whole topic and the response by many Americans.

By that I mean, I am seeing people who are normally reasonable individuals, but they are seeking a "compromise" in legislation. This compromise is nothing more than a willingness to give up more of our rights in same strange conviction that they will bring harmony to the political scene. Who in their right mind would give up rights to appease those that want to take them away?

And the whole topic is absurd to me. Who gives a rat's ass what the popular opinion is here?! My representative sent a survey yesterday asking my response to a bunch of possible "solutions" to the issue. We are a Republic based on a constitution. Why are we playing Family Fued with our rights?! This shouldn't even be debated or discussed.

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"No matter how bad it gets, if you're still alive it's just another bad day."

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