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I just ordered the Kel Tek .223 which is non-restricted and non-registered in Kanada along with a case of 1,000 rounds of .223/5.5 (The ammo was about $400 but the shipping was essentially free so that makes up big time). There's lots of .223/5.5 north of the border; the issue is getting it over the border. We just intend to plink with it at the range. Now have 4 AR's which are restricted weapons here in Kanada and require registration and may only be shot at the range. And one Kel Tek .223/5.5 which is NON restricted, requires NO registration and can be hauled anywhere with a permit. Difference? The AR's have a handle grip on the stock. Oh, and a pseudo flash suppressor. And they look scarey. Bump stocks are still legal up here as far as I know (don't own one, don't need one, don't want one). If we come stateside for a three gun competition, we now have a rifle that we can bring with. And ammo. Wonder if you can win one of those competitions by default?
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