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Originally Posted by Glock20 10mm View Post
Bingo! Precedence has been set so if you bump fire and someone hears it... you are screwed, if your weapon suffers a malfunction that makes it appear to be firing in auto and someone calls you are screwed.
Stop the insanity.

1) He installed a FULL AUTO FCG (not a burst sear) into a modified AR WITH THE AUTO SEAR AXIS PIN. There were also mods to the BCG.

2) He loaned it to a "customer" while he waited on parts and instructed him not to place the weapon on "burst" or it would "jam."

3) The "customer" took it to a public range and fired three bursts before it malfunctioned, drawing the attention of Law Enforcement.

4) Upon seizing the firearm, Agents were able to perform 3 x 20 round mag dumps in a row, cyclic, with no malfunctions- with the selector in the third position, utilizing the installed auto sear.

Separate hilarity:

1) When interviewed regarding his machine gun, he told investigators, "That's nothing... I have a .50 cal sniper rifle!"

2) He modified 80% lowers and sold them without doing 4473s.

3) He was illegally using an FFL that was registered to another individual or entity.

4) Was in the Klan or WAR or something...
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