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My nightmare gun was a DPMS/Panther Arms AR15. Using the supplied CA approved 3 round magazine, it worked. Using any other magazines, it would manage about three rounds before it 1> Failed to feed a new cartridge 2> Failed to extract/eject the spent brass 3> Short cycle causing the cartridge to get jammed in the action, bending the cartridge horribly or 4>Some combination of all the above. I tried polishing the feed ramps, changing the magazines (even borrowed a M16 mag from a Class III guy at the range who had never seen an AR15 fsck up so bad, same effect). Range owner tried it - he couldn't get it to work even WITH the CA 3 round mag, only hand feeding the rounds into the breach one at a time without a mag present worked. Eventually sound it at an inner city gun store with an inherited Ruger revolver for cash to make a house payment. Am very glad to see that rifle go... though the capital loss was painful.
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