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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
The guy is a radical, but they did not bust him for that. What the ATF did was to get the courts to establish a new gun law where all gun owners can go to jail for a malfunctioning firearm.
Bingo! Precedence has been set so if you bump fire and someone hears it... you are screwed, if your weapon suffers a malfunction that makes it appear to be firing in auto and someone calls you are screwed. I have seen pistols "go auto" when they fail. Case in point... my G20 when it catastrophically failed it fired two rounds in rapid succession with only a single pull of the trigger then the slide locked back due to the physical failure.

According to precedence technically I could now be tried an convicted if this were to happen again. And the gun failed at Markley's gun range and the owner did confront me about "rapid shooting". Once I showed him the failure and explained what happened he was cool with it BUT what if he had a bone to pick because he was in a crap mood?

Things are getting dangerous for gun owners. We need to pay attention or we're going to get burned.
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