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Perhaps I should elaborate. In 2011 we drove a Uhaul van from NJ to Utah. It took 6 days, and I have pleasant memories of every place we stopped for a meal or a few winks. Except the last night we spend in a rusty little town in Wyoming. It was practically a ghost town. They could have filmed 'The Walking Dead' there without any costumes or make-up.

But that was not the worst. When we checked into Roach Motel, we found out that the bar in the place allowed smoking!!! This was 2011 and I thought you couldn't smoke anywhere in America. Well, exclude Wyoming from that list.

The sad thing is, I've been to other places in Wyoming that were beautiful, but this place left me with no desire to go back.

On the other hand, we also passed through Iowa earlier on that trip, and had dinner in a roadside steakhouse, which was excellent. Since we were staying there for the night, I felt comfortable ordering an adult beverage before dinner. Imagine my shock when I was presenter with a perfect Perfect Manhattan, made by a bartender in the middle of nowhere, Iowa, who proudly wore a Harley Davidson t-shirt. What a great country we live in!
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