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Originally Posted by Willfulone View Post
There are reasons that some of us walk around armed, so having said that, I'll pass on the face to face with evil part.

However, I will play on the creepy part.

We were buying a new house and they had a bad winter so
the house was about 2 months behind. Rather than put
my family up in a hotel for 3 months, I rented a small
cabin on the lake.

I was there for a month before my family came. The
first thing I noticed was that it was really really dark
at night. When you laid in bed, you could not even see
your hand in front of your face. On the third night I woke
up at 2 am and could see the bathroom light was on
across the cabin (1 BR). I laid there paralyzed with fear
for about an hour, then got up and turned it off. I talked
myself into the fact that I must have left it on.

The next night, I slept fine, woke up, stumbled into the
kitchen and almost **** my pants. Every upper cupboard
door was open. I almost had a heart attack. Went
to work and decided it was either wind or someone was
in the cabin at night.

On the way home that night, I stopped at the store and
got some tape and string. When I got back to the cabin
I taped and strung all the windows and doors. I then
started a system of checking every door and window
when I left or went to bed, never was one moved.

I started noticing strange things, there was a picture on
the wall, that was always crooked....

Never believed for a second in ghosts, until I lived in that
cabin for 5 weeks


You will find usually two types of people in the world when it comes to the paranormal. Those who will "laugh their *** off" at you and those who have seen or experienced something they can't explain, let alone get a handle on.

I am of the second group. I have never had such an unnerving experience, but I believe you. Stuff like this has been reported for centuries all over the world. My experiences are minor by comparison, but I know what I saw and I know what I heard and felt.

Good story. Thanks for sharing.

Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!
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