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When I decided to pick up a LCP for those times when I couldn't conceal one of my J-frames, I looked around to see what ammo I could find at my usual sources. I tried some Winchester RA380T 95gr (T-Series), Speer 90gr GDHP and Remington 102gr Golden Sabre.

All fed and functioned just fine in my LCP. The Golden Sabre exhibited some erratic ejection patterns compared to the other 2 loads, though.

I know another instructor that settled on Hornady (because LAPD authorizes it, and he carries a Bodyguard 380), after he fired enough to confirm function in his BG 380. If the Hornady load was available in quantity and discounted pricing, I'd try it sometime.

I settled on the Win T-Series & Speer GD, as I can get those loads in quantity, and they both work fine in my LCP. (Enough for training, practice & carry, although I still have access to Win FMJ, as well.)

Yes, the potential for less penetration in situations involving intervening limbs and cross torso/shoulder capsule situations is always in the back of my mind, but there's always some degree of compromise to consider in dedicated defensive handguns.
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