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I'm not a shill for PowerBond, but the problem is that they get lumped in with typical "plated" bullets due to their construction type. Aside from the way that they are constructed, they don't act at all like regular plated bullets from Berry's or Rainer.

I began using them last spring (3000 thus far), and they are every bit as good in my Glocks as jacketed bullets. They stand up to 10mm Auto velocities and also work great in .40 S&W. They load, shoot, and act like a jacketed bullet. The bullet weights are more consitent than Hdy XTPs. FMJ load data is called for rather than the usual reductions for Berry's and Rainier.

To get Berry's to run right, I had to give an extra large bell, seat long, seat and crimp in separate steps, barely crimp, and slow 'em way down. No such adjustments for the PowerBonds.

So for guys that are on the fence because they like jacketed bullets, and are wary of "plated" bullets, PBs are worth a look while components are scarce. A 500 count minimum isn't too terribly big of a commitment.

Also, they have some pretty good volume discounts. Some guys at my club cobble together orders to get pretty good prices. I believe he'll work with you at 5000 or more.
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