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The above post by eccho reminded me of a story related by a friend years ago who worked in a record store in Ohio. He witnessed a well dressed East Indian couple and their two children (boy and girl) enter the store. The couple broused the store for some time till the little girl, about 7 or 8, selected a record and brought it to her father asking him to purchace it for her. The man loudly told the girl to put the record back, he wasn't purchasing it for her, and then out of the blue, slapped the child hard across the face!
"Brad", my friend, and not a small guy, almost vaulted the counter and confronted the man face to face telling him he would bounce the guy off of every wall in the place if he touched the child again. The customer became very loud and shouted to see the manager. "Brad" quietly told the man once again about what would happen if the man harmed the little girl in his presence, and told him to exit the store. "Brad's" manager arrived and the customer demanded "Brad" be fired for threatening him and interfearing with his family etc. The manager hearing the story directed the man to leave the premises at once while "Brad" stood almost toe to toe with the sputtering customer daring him to lay one hand on the woman or either of the children.
After a few tense moments, the couple exited, the man still shouting threats and obsenities.

P.S. "Brad" kept his job and was commended by his mgr. for not carrying through with his promises, though "Brad" told me it took everything in his power not to pound the guy into a grease spot...

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