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Originally Posted by garya1961 View Post
Quote "About the only time I see someone say that "all the guns" of a particular make are junk is with taurus."
Another I read it on the internet stories.
I base my my reviews on real life expierence not what I read on the net. It's always the problem gun that shows up on here not the 999 other guns that were flawless.
I'm not a big fan of the 1911 but my PT1911 has been a great gun.
Quote" Its pretty plain that your feelings are hurt over it"
I have enough "real" problems in my life so the crap on here doesn't bother me. It's just a way to amuse myself.
So I guess that means that my experiences are "read it on the internet" and arent "real life expierence" like yours? There you go, right back to your "it cant be true because I dont want it to be" thought process.

I have owned four taurus firearms, and after the fourth one felt like a real dumb ass for being taken four times by the same company.
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