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1. Browning abolt .22. It wouldn't feed rounds from the magazine with any consistency. Traded for a cz452, a real bolt action .22

2. Marlin 1897 .22. Action was rough, difficult to cycle. I sent it back to the factory and they polished a few parts. Problem persisted. I sent it to a recommended cowboy action smith and he said the lever mortise was not in the right spot. I still have that and I'm debating what to do next.

3. Rem 11-87. I bought it as i thought it was an improved 1100. I was wrong. Fail to feed every 5-10 rounds. Traded for a Benelli, a real semi auto shotgun

4. Ruger mini 14. If you blatantly rip off the Garand, it should be accurate after 1 mag...and you should have designed it to use AR mags. Still have the old boat anchor (thanks Walter Ga, where ever you are).
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