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Originally Posted by eccho View Post
My girlfriend, lets call her "May" for her privacy, was walking back to a babysitting clients house because she left her keys there the night before.
(door was unlocked when she walked home, so she didn't even notice then)

On the way back to this place, she noticed a little girl who looked like she was about 4 years old (remember this part, it's important later) out in the street wandering around.

She notices a white SUV driven by a "creepy older guy" going very slowly past this little girl, and the guy says something like "i lost my puppy can you help me."

Mind you, May didn't have a gun or anything. She's 20 and not old enough to carry in iowa. She calls 911 and puts the phone in her front pocket.

She walks across the street and says "hey sweetie where's your mommy? Let's go find your mommy." And this guy gets all pissed off. "Hey F you go away she's coming with me she's my daughter"

May says "The F she is I already called the cops". The guy drives off, and parks 2 blocks away. Presumably he was hoping May would think her job was done and leave this kid alone.

The cops show up in about 3 minutes from the time she called. Big shout out to the local PD, particularly the dispatcher.

May points out the guy parked like 2 blocks away, and they go run his plates and everything. May told me "a big red box showed up on the computer and the two cops immediately drew their guns and arrested him".

He not only had a rapsheet but outstanding warrants. Domestic battery, kidnapping, and I think rape were all in there.

Funny thing was the little girl was afraid of police, like deathly afraid. (which tells you something). May helped further by getting this girl to tell her where she lived.

May and the police bring this girl home, and the mother was so drugged out on who knows what she barely registered anything happened. She didn't know or even care. The police arrested her too for child endangerment, and probably were gonna add whatever drugs she was on.

Oh, and she wasn't 4 years old. She was a malnourished 9 year old.

The child went to a good foster home. May has known them for a long time, they're good people.

May is 20 and you need to be 21 to even have access to a handgun in the state of Iowa. I was working out of state at the time. I told her she can walk into any gunstore and pick any handgun she wants and I'll by it for her.

More than I worry "what if this guy had a weapon", I wonder...

What if May didn't leave her keys there and walk back to get them?

What if she was less observant and her BS meter just didn't go off?
She probably saved that little girls life. Once when was younger I witnessed a child being beaten at a train station on a trip. Being young and unsure what to do I let the person get on the train with the child. I've never forgotten the feeling of helplessness that gave me and I vowed to NEVER again stand by and do nothing when a child is in danger. I often wonder if I had spoken up or stood up what I could have done for him.
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