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Originally Posted by garya1961 View Post
If you read what I wrote I said I believe "a lot of the problems" were caused by the owners not "all the problems" were caused by the owners. I never said it "CANNOT BE THE GUN" It is a fact that a lot of people have a tendency to limpwrist when shooting a small light weight gun even people who have been shooting for years. I have done it a few times myself when I first got a PF9.
Also a lot of people buy guns they know nothing about and decide to upgrade them or do a $.25 trigger job and behold the gun doesn't work, so it must be a piece of junk. The Remington 597 is a good example of this, people take them apart without knowing what they are doing and over tighten the rails when re-assembling it. It will not run if you tighten the rails too tight.

Quote-. There are many top notch guns with cast frames.

I have nothing against cast parts but a lot of these top notch guns have problems too but they "just need breaking in"
I know it doesn't fit this tread but people on here love to bash guns they never owned. They read it on the internet so it must be true
Usually when a gun bashing tread starts half the guns in my safe are mentioned but the ones I have seem to work fine. My PT1911, Kel Tecs, Ruger Mini 30, Mosins, Remington 597,WASR 10, and even my early model Universal M1 carbine have all worked great.
I have had a lot of guns in my life and seldon found a real lemon. Yes, some had a problem that needed fixing but so does everything else in life.
If you are an auto mechanic then you know things slip through sometimes that doesn't mean the rest of the cars are junk or even the car with the problem is junk.
About the only time I see someone say that "all the guns" of a particular make are junk is with taurus. It also seems that you have brought up your pt1911 a few times now.

of course all manufacturers make a lemon, thats the purpose in this thread, DUH! The fact that most taurus owners cant accept the fact that they make WAY more lemons than anyone else is comical. It seems the more you post about this the more that direction this is going.

Its pretty plain that your feelings are hurt over it. They shouldnt be. I know one guy that has a PT1911 that has seen some serious abuse an an IDPA gun. He beats the hell out of it and it runs like a champ. Thats one guy. I know at least three other people(including myself would make four) that had the worst experience in the world with a pt1911 and would never contemplate owning another one. Absolute junk.
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