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When I think of a "pro", I think someone who is going to exploit the lock control mechanism (dial or combination pad). If the person knowns how to do this (and has the proper tools), you aren't keeping them out, just buying yourself more time.

Most safes use 12 gauge steel, this is very thin. The average burglar using the tools from an average garage will eventually get into these, with a lttle luck and know-how.

Buy the thickest steel you can find. The Sturdy Safe looks like the best bang-for-the-buck option I have found. They only carry an RSC rating, but that's about the best you're going to find unless you go to a jewelry or bank safe.

My goal, if I can buy a house soon, is to build a concrete room and put a vault door on it. The vault doors cost about the same as a good safe, but you have much better protectionand more room. I also want to make mine my tornado shelter.
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