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if the badguys know you have a safe and come prepared ( saws-all), they will not be delayed very long. The key is to keep your firearms hobby on the down low so that a burglar who happens to choose your home, isnt ready for the safe or doesnt have enough buddies to move it. Remember... everyone know somebody who knows somebody who is related to a thug. If you want to broadcast that you own 3 SCAR 308's and half a dozen colt pythons.... well, sooner or later some thug is going to hear about it.

My rule on guns safes is very simple:

1. It cant be moved out of the house by 2 guys
2. Its cant be broken into with pry tools

Thats about as reasonable as you can get because a half a dozen guys can carry just about anything and cutting tools are exactly that. I feel like the best defense is not to talk about fight club as they say. That and set your home up so that a burglar would rather break into another house. ( Dog, Cameras, Alarm, Good doors and frames, storm windows, clear view of your home from passer-bys)
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