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Originally Posted by audiomechanic View Post
My only concern (right now) with the idea of the 938 is the external safety. I do have to say that the 938 is pretty!
I agree. My wife and I agreed that all of our carry weapons would all have the same motions to fire. The same as her 642. Therefore, all our carry guns are DA, no safeties.

Back in the 70's, I had a couple of incidences where I had to pull a gun on criminal elements. Not having to jack around with a safety does increase a non-professionals speed.

(Yeah, I have heard the argument that if you practice enough with the safety you can become fast and proficient with it, but why devote all that time you don't have when you can just select a DA gun and not worry about it.) New, modern designed guns are safe enough that a safety is not really necessary. Ever see one on a revolver?
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