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The PowerBond bullets look suspiciously like Rainier's to me... Even certain pictures on their website look like stock ones from the Rainier. We have a couple guys sponsored by Rainier at our club. They have done tours of their facility in Tacoma numerous times. I'm going to ask if they have any knowledge of PowerBond.
I'm personally not a big plated bullet fan. They are OK performance wise but I feel FMJs trump them on value/performance overall. Plated bullets are way over priced IMO. I just plugged 1000 124 RNs at PowerBond it was $109 total. I paid $93 a K for 124 JHPs at Precision Delta delivered (2K) last month. I pay $29 for 500 BC 135 RN molys locally.
I do realize with the current state of the industry beggars can't be choosers, so paying a premium for a product that is in stock at this time is a must for most.
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