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Originally Posted by BroncoAZ View Post
I handled a pair of Gen 4 10mm's this week. I just requested my 2013 GSSF coupon (got shafted out of the Armorer coupons), hopefully it shows up soon and the G20 Gen 4 I want is still available.
I am thinking that the G20 Gen4 will be a good one...I had a G21 Gen3, then later go the Gen4 model. The RSA really makes a big difference in the way the pistols shoot.

10mm with the dual-spring RSA should be a nice shooter. The heftier slide and size of the G20 already makes that caliber very manageable. I can only imagine that the Gen4 model will be even better.

Like you, I can no longer acquire any pistols directly from Glock at the good pricing since they've discontinued the discount for armorers. At least the GSSF pricing isn't that much over those prices...

Enjoy your new G20 when you get it!
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