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I was on the panel but not selected for jury duty of a child molester. He had recorded many DVDs of his activites. As his defense consisted of "you can't prove which jurisdiction these crimes occurred in," (ultimately caused half the counts to be dropped,) the jury had to watch the DVDs. All of them. The county later had to provide extended counseling for the jurors.

Seeing that guy up front of the room, you might not have known he was evil. Maybe odd-looking. But when you hear the direction questions are going in voir dire, you could tell it wasn't going to be a pleasant trial.

As far as luring little kids into a van, that happened recently in my city- young girl riding a bike with her 8 y/o brother got grabbed right off her bicycle. Neighbors saw it happen but couldn't stop it, the girl's dog even bit one of the attackers. Girl dropped off 8 hours later out by the beach. The suspects when caught are 14, 15, and 18, IIRC. Crazy to think that happens.

And the estimates of active serial killers in the US is scary, but believable. If no bodies are found, or people aren't reported missing, might never found out about some of them.
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