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Originally Posted by uptomyneck View Post
When I was 18, I flew to NOLA in late '77. Sitting next to me on the plane was an older guy who kept talking to me. He said he had a rental car and would drive me to the Quarter (my family was there) since he was staying there too.

When we pulled up to his hotel, he reached over and put his hand on my leg asking me if I wanted to go up to his room with him. I snatched his hand off and told him to **** off. I got out and walked away. A year later, I saw his picture on the news. It was John Wayne Gacy.
That is crazy...just nuts. And by the late 70's Gacy had already killed something like 25+ people.

Until I was 8 years old I lived in a neighborhood in Massachusetts that had a lot of woods in the area. My friend and I were in the woods behind his house when we ran into this guy, much older probably high school age, shooting his 22 at some cans. A few days later he murdered his mother with that gun and dumped her body in the woods nearby. I didn't find out the full story until I was a teenager, but it still creeps me out.
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