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Originally Posted by garya1961 View Post
'Explain or shut up.
Ok after reading some of your old post I see you are a 1911 guy. I said to start with I am not a 1911 guy. I don't have anything against them just never owned but one. I wasn't claiming to be an expert on 1911s , I was just asking why basically.
I see that we do have a lot in common though. I am a dog person and I was a Chevy mechanic for the last five years but unemployed right now.
If I'm so wrong please educate me because that's why I'm here, to learn more about guns.
I'm not a 1911 guy, actually. I am a gun guy. I like 1911s, but i own more polymer handguns than I do 1911s.

As to why someone would put money into a RIA and say a taurus isnt worth it? Because there is a lot more to the quality of a 1911 than the type of manufacting involved in he slide and frame. There are many top notch guns with cast frames. There is so much more at play than that its not even funny. Feed ramp angle, machining quality, barrel quality, throating, etc. Look up VIS for example. The fact that the frame is forged in a miniscule item when compared to the things that make a 1911 junk or not.

Thats not why I commented about your post though. It was the thought that:

I believe a lot of these failures are owner induced such as limp wristing with Kel Tecs, and failure to clean and or reassemble correctly as in the Remington 597
Thats an asinine statement made out of owner pride. I own guns that are known to have had problems. While mine dont exhibit it I will surely not by insisting that people are ignorant and dont know how to hold the firearm or dont know how to clean it because it SIMPLY CANNOT BE THE GUN, because I own one of them and mine is fine. Thats plain silly.
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