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Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
Hmmm...that's interesting. The last two owners of a new G30S and Gen4 G30 who posted at Glock Talk reported a trigger bar number of 4256-2 in the pistols with a grooved trigger they received from the factory. I can't follow what Glock, Inc. is doing with the trigger bar in recent 10mm and 45ACP pistols.

I'll let you know how the G30 upper works on this Gen4 lower when I go to the range. Pretty sure that everything will work just fine.

Originally Posted by RYT 2BER View Post
Really nice!
Thank you, sir!

Originally Posted by HEXE9 View Post
To add confusion...3 weeks ago I bought two 21 GEN4's that are only 7 digits apart in the serial #, and one has a 4256-1 and the other a 4256-2.

BB - Congrats on a beautiful new shooter!
Thanks, H9! Congrats to you on the G21 twins! I bought mine back when they first came out, and it has remained my favorite Gen4 from my collection. We'll see if this one can bump it from the top spot. So far, nothing else has...but the G34 Gen4 is a very close second!

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Congrats on a fine pistol for social work.
Thanks, blastfact! Jeff Q. is one of my favorite guys to follow, especially with his product reviews. He answered a few questions I had about a CT laser, and I've been hooked ever since. He and hickok45 are probably amongst my favorite guys out there, and really because they're very honest about what they have to say.
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