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Originally Posted by garya1961 View Post
I hate these gun bashing treads. I have a lot of these guns and they work fine. I believe a lot of these failures are owner induced such as limp wristing with Kel Tecs, and failure to clean and or reassemble correctly as in the Remington 597. I know the 597 had mag problem when they first came out but Remington fixed the problem and would send you a free mag if yours didn't work. Also if you tighten the rods/rails too tight in a 597 it won't run you have to leave them a little loose.
I'm not a 1911 guy but another thing that gets to me is people will buy a relatively cheap Rock Island 1911(I have nothing against Rock Island) then spend more money on upgrades than they paid for the gun to start with but swear it was a good gun. Then if someone buys a Taurus 1911 with forged frame and slide and all the upgrades already installed and one simple part breaks they swear it is a total piece of crap. I know parts shouldn't break and none has on mine but wouldn't it be better to upgrade a gun with a forged frame and slide. It seems to me high end 1911s have a lot of problems too.
no sense in putting too much effort into commenting on this post. The logic and time would be wasted.
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