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Originally Posted by TDC20 View Post
AnyCal, if you have a link to a slow mo video of this phenomenon, please send it to me or post it. I'm very interested in seeing this.

Also, has anyone ever tried to keep the action closed on a Glock during firing by applying pressure to the back of the slide? I seem to remember someone mentioning this on GT, that you could keep the slide locked simply by pressing your thumb against the back of the slide. I'm calling BS on this, unless someone can say that they actually did it. I think your thumb would be broken or very sore if you tried it.
I watched the slo mo. I agree that the low force spring gives more time, and the high force spring gives less time in the slide action.

But I disagree with the notion that the high force spring DOES NOT give ENOUGH time for the slide to load the next round. The slo mo does not give us evidence to say that the high force spring does not give ADEQUATE time. Less time ? Yes. But perhaps it was adequate to load the next round.

We need different evidence to conclude a high force spring gives inadequate time to load the next round.

EDIT: the high force spring being the 18lbs on the video for this 1911. Of course, a 50lbs spring would not load a round, but that is not what the spring mfgr is selling. Translate to G29, the max spring is 23lbs. In other words, I trust that Wolf spring knows the 23lbs for G29 would still adequately load the next 10mm round. It's been in the market for years. (but stranger things have happened).

Regarding pressure to keep slide close, I remember a redneck Gentlemen in my CCW class came to class with a nearly healed wounded hand. When asked how it happened, he told the class that he didn't know enough to wrap his hand below the slide. I never forget how humbled and honest he was and how sorry I felt for him.

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