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Originally Posted by FLIPPER 348 View Post
I have the same rifle as the OP with a Redfield 2X7 and dig it. A friend used it last season to bag a Mule Deer out in the open desert country just a bit south. He used a Hornady 180g XTP HP over W296 at 120 yards, DRT.

Alliant for Blue Dot recommends a non-magnum primer when loading for .357mag but the Lyman manual says they used a magnum primer for their test loads.

I did notice unburnt powder using the SP primers as recommend with both my rifle and revolver but I have not loaded any with the magnum primers to test as yet.
Thanks for the info, I've been mulling over what glass to put on it. I was also considering an nice sturdy peep sight.

I'm anxious to see how accurate it can be and at what distance it can be effective for deer. This is uncharted territory for me.
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