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Always loved them and hunted with my Dad's early 1970's Winchester 94 back when I was a youngster. He bought it new, still has it.

Finally one day I bought my own, a Marlin. My LGS used to have them all the time for pretty reasonable, not much lately. I bought this one for around $300 a few years back.

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Put a good peep sight on it, and started loading for it. With 165 grain lead going around 1200 fps, it's a great plinker. Jacketed bullets will shoot very accurately, better than my eyes will perform. I've had groups at 100 yards at 1.5" with iron sights (lucky).

Shot a deer with it just to say I did, and see how it worked. It was fun sneaking around the woods with an iron sight rifle after game.

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Now I'm thoroughly in love, and will buy more of these things when I see them.
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