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Home intruder shot from 20 feet away, keeps charging...

Wow... just heard a report of a local homeowner who heard an intruder in his home at 4:00 a.m., went outside his bedroom, his wife in the bedroom behind him, door closed, and spots the intruder down the hallway. He tells the guy to freeze and the bad guy charges. Homeowner shoots from 20 or so feet away and doesn't know he hit the intruder; intruder keeps charging and covers the ground quickly. They engage in a struggle -- no more shots fired - and the HO regains control of the situation and manages to hold the guy there. Police arrive minutes later and only when they turn the perp over do they realize he's been hit in the abdomen. Homeowner couldn't even believe he'd hit the guy; the intruder apparently showed zero signs of being hit. A .40 caliber gun, by the way.Toxicology reports are not in yet, I hear. Wow.
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