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Originally Posted by DASA View Post
Nice. Also good job of posting a pic of your new pistol instead of what is becoming common with threads like these, the "Hey, look at my new Glock" without any photos to go with it. How long did you have to wait after ordering it?
Thanks, DASA--I ordered it on 8/15/2012, so I'd say about 6 mos. wait time.

Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
Congrats! Beautiful pistol and exciting caliber to shoot.

I'm sure it was well worth the wait for a Gen4 at the great GSSF discount price.
Yessir! I wish that I could still get the Armorer's discount, too, but that ship has sailed. I'll be testing my G30SF upper on it when I hit the range next, just to convince myself that I don't need to drop any coin on another G30. Mine is just fine, and I couldn't be happier. If I didn't have the G30SF already, I'd have already placed an order for one of the Gen4 models.

Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Congrats on the G29.
Thanks, bac!

Originally Posted by CybrSlydr View Post
I wanted a Gen 4 but couldn't find any, so when a shop had a blue label Gen 3 SF I jumped on it.

I think the only reason I'd take the Gen 4 now is for the 3 mags instead of 2.

Thanks, CS. Plus, you get to make adjustments to the magazine catch and backstraps with Gen4. Either way, I'm just glad that I have a nice 10mm to carry. The G20SF is just a tad big to do that here in TX, where I'm usually in shorts/t-shirt most of the time.
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