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Originally Posted by Boomer967 View Post
Thanks for all the input guys. I have a little more info.... Picked up some Hornady 230g XTP. I know I was looking for cheap, but right now it's take what you can get. I have some Unique powder and CCI #300 primers. No load data in my old books. Can this be loaded with Speer data for 230g TMJ? 5.9 to 6.9 grs Unique. It's the closest thing in the book. Thanks
TMJ would probably be a RN bullet and the XTP is a JHP. The OALs would be different, all else being equal.

But the good news is that the Hornady manual has data for the Hornady bullet!

For the 230 gr XTP, Hornady shows an OAL of 1.230" and somewhere between 5.2 gr and 6.6 gr of Unique. Velocities might range from 700 to 900 fps. I say MIGHT because I never get as much velocity as the manual says.

Military ball ammo runs about 830 fps so, 850 for the XTP sounds good to me. That would take 6.2 gr of Unique and be a good distance away from MAX. I would still start somewhere around MIN and work up!

It would be a good idea to get the manual. You certainly don't want to rely on my failing eyesight and questionable typing skills.

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