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Originally Posted by Haldor View Post
At least is saved you a gym membership.

I bought an AMT backup 380 for my wife about 20 years ago. Never got as far as the trigger pull, she couldn't pull the slide back. Small blowback pistols are not fun guns to shoot especially for anyone who doesn't have significant grip strength.
Just sold an AMT Backup .380 this weekend for a profit of 3 dollars over what I originally paid for it two months ago.

It took a LOT of polishing to get the slide chatter to stop, but then ran like a dream as long as you a) use only round nose FMJ and b) keep your ring finger off the magazine butt. It would nosedive the next round every time if you touched the butt.

I really got to like it, and probably put 400 rounds through it at the range. It does have a bit of a kick to it compared to my Colt Government Model Mark IV, and the wife couldn't shoot it at all.

The Colt just does everything better, and the wife can handle it just fine. I got another Ruger 89 rather than another .380, ammo is just getting too expensive and hard to find to justify another in that caliber.
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