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Originally Posted by willieH View Post
What I said was in response to 21Tango's simplistic notion that Browning designed weapons may have effected the outcome of WWII. My equally simplistic answer was to exemplify that other factors played a greater role and had profound consequence to shape the outcome of the war. Sorry not to include Allied battle strategies in Europe/North African campaign, the Soviet and Polish contributions and the Western Pacific naval victories and yes the atomic bomb.

But since you've judged my lack of knowledge, I would welcome your rendition of WWII history that supports 21Tango's notion that Browning designed weapons shaped the wars outcome.
Well, you could start out with the fact that nearly every "gun" on every American aircraft, fighter, bomber, etc was a Browning design. As was the "Quad .50 anti-aircraft gun.

The BAR shaped squad tactics, and the use of the .30 Browning can't be overlooked at the infantry level.
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